Emotional Intelligence: High Impact


1-2 Days




10-20 pax

Course Overview

Emotional Intelligence: High Impact

Our Emotional Intelligence programme will provide attendees with an insight into how emotional intelligence can impact their professional relationships, and the firm. The programme will equip attendees with the tools required to leverage their emotional intelligence to improve the quality of their professional relationships and positively influence revenue.

Key Topics

  • Assess Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness and self-management
  • Leverage Emotional Intelligence: Addressing intrapersonal intelligence, building rapport, and improving decision-making

Benefit to Attendee

Participants will:

  • Be able to improve their personal and professional relationships
  • Reduce stress and moderate conflict
  • Promote understanding in their professional relationships
  • Heighten their self-awareness

Benefit to your Firm

  • Improved workplace productivity and leadership
  • Better insights lead to better decisions and result in better outcomes
  • Provides employees with a useful life skill