Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills


1-2 Days


Senior Staff


10-20 pax

Course Overview

Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills

Our Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills programme prepares attendees with the skills necessary to effectively manage conflicts and navigate high-stakes, important negotiations. The programme also provides attendees with the tools to professionally manage their clients’ expectations, so mutually beneficial outcomes can be achieved.

Key Topics

  • Effectual Negotiation: Dealing with high-stake negotiations
  • Conflict Management: Resolving important conflicts
  • Expectation Management: Achieving mutually beneficial outcomes

Benefits to Attendee

Participants will:

  • Be prepared to engage in, and conclude high-stake negotiations
  • Learn new and effective techniques for managing negative emotions

Benefits to your Firm

  • Negotiators equipped to handle negotiations professionally without the risk of over-promising.
  • Negotiators able to skilfully resolve conflicts to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.