Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication


1-2 Days




15 pax

Course Overview

Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication

Our Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication programme aims to promote a sound understanding of the fundamental concepts in Marketing Communication within attendees. Participants can expect to engage with contemporary tools in Marketing and Communication as we raise awareness of these tools, and prepare them with the knowledge of they can leverage these tools for effectual marketing.

Key Topics

  • Understanding Communication: Steps in the communication process
  • Contemporary Advertising: Advertising management awareness
  • Know your Customer: Relational skills

Benefits to Attendee

Participants will:

  • Be aware of novel, contemporary communication methods
  • Be aware of relevant current promotional tools
  • Understand the reach, benefits and limitations of these tools

Benefits to your Firm

  • Align employee with your firm’s communication and promotional strategy.
  • Promote effective communication within your firm and with clients.